• How can I know about the current promotional offers in real time?

    All of our promotional offers are placed on website. You can also check our promotional offers on any of the following channels.

    How can I get Flash sales item?

    To participate in the Flash Sale:

    • The participant should have made a minimum of one purchase from Awok.com prior to the Flash Sale participation.
    • The participant should be above the age of 18, and a resident of UAE.
    • Each participant is allowed to make only one purchase from the Flash Sale deals.
    • Automated Purchasing Systems cannot be used to make purchases from the Flash Sales.
    • All Flash Sale purchases must be paid for online. In case of non-payment, Awok.com reserves the right to cancel the order without any communication or liability to the customer.
    • The participant has to provide a legit Emirates ID for authentication, and a valid phone number as the same will be used to confirm the order. The order will be cancelled if the information provided is found to be false or inaccurate.

    How to use the Coupons?

    You can avail discounts via using coupons while placing the order.

    Step 1: After selecting your products, please click "View Cart" from the top right corner of the page.

    Step 2: Please Enter your coupon in Got The Coupons box and click "USE COUPONS" button to apply discount on your order. Once the discount is applied, click on "Secure Checkout" button to complete your order.

    Note: If you do not remember your coupons or your coupons are not working, then click "View my coupons" to check your coupons and their expiry.

    Note: If your coupon is not working, please check its expiry date here or send email at support@awok.com

    My coupon code is not working, how can I get another code?

    Please make sure you are using the correct coupon code and its not expired. You can check the details of your coupon here.

    If the coupon code is not expired and still not working, you can send an email to support@awok.com

    My coupon code e-mail has been deleted, what should I do?

    You can check your coupons in your account area. Follow the below steps:

    Step 1: Sign In to your account from the top right corner on the website or click here

    Step 2: After login, go to your profile icon at the top right corner of the website and click "My Coupons" or click here

    Step 3: On the "Coupons" tab, you will see all of your coupons along with other details like expiry date and discounted amount.

    How to use a coupon? Here is a guide